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KetoNurses offers a wide variety of education, graphics, and health coaching services, designed to personalize care to YOUR specific needs.

Getting Started

The Best Teacher is Your Meter

Education is my passion; my goal is to teach YOU how to take control of your health, using healthy foods and less medication. Cutting all grains and sugars is the basic foundation for re-claiming your health.

Advanced Topics

Types of Magnesium

Becoming fat-adapted is key to maintaining a low carb way of living and can be obtained after about 4-6 weeks for most people who remove grains & sugars. Other people might need 6-8 weeks, but persistence and consistency is key. Specific supplements may improve nutrition too, & I can help you identify your needs for vitamins & supplements to optimize YOUR health.

Coaching & Benefits

Quotes from Clients

“Jenni posts so many informative articles related to our health & keto eating. Her medical knowledge as a nurse & friendly communication style lends itself to helping others understand the benefits of following a keto way of life to improve their wellness.”

–L.R., KetoNurses Client

“As a board-certified family nurse practitioner, I have unique knowledge regarding medications, lab tests, and medical care that can be extremely beneficial to people taking charge of their own health care.”

Jenni Gallagher, APRN, KetoNurses, Joyful Heart House Calls

“Bootcamp was definitely worthwhile. I learned so much & couldn’t believe how helpful it was to have Jenni answer any questions I had.”

J.J. – KetoNurses Client


Jenni Gallagher

Jenni Gallagher is a nurse practitioner who reversed her type 2 diabetes, hypertension, psoriasis, plantar fasciitis, and other chronic conditions using a grain-free, sugar-free way of eating that she began in 2013.

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Reach out to me if you’d like personalized guidance and help. I offer small group sessions both in person in the Omaha area & online, as well as one-to-one phone call consults.

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