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Biographical Sketch of Blog Author, Jenni Gallagher

Jenni is a board certified family nurse practitioner and certified health coach, currently practicing in the Omaha area; she has also practuced  in Southcentral Alaska and Northcentral Mississippi.  Jenni holds a Master’s degree from the University Of Mississippi Medical Center School Of Nursing.

She currently practices in a private wellness  center and has served in various Community Health Centers where many patients have limited resources available for health care.  She also offers health coaching services to clients across the nation to educate people in taking charge of their own health.  She works with all her  patients and offers suggestions, recipes, and hints on how to eat healthier without spending a fortune. She helps many patients decrease doses of medications often, and celebrates with her patients when they are able to actually discontinue a medication.

As a family nurse practitioner, Jenni’s passion has always centered around helping patients improve their own health. Empowering people to take charge of personal health has provided many rewards, and Jenni thrives on this kind of patient education.  For many years, Jenni has studied nutrition, biology, and chemistry; she has utilized concepts from each to treat patients from a holistic perspective.

Jenni’s experiences in home health and nursing homes have provided her with a wide base of knowledge on which to build her practice.  She has also spent many years as an educator where she developed a wide variety of techniques to aid in student learning and mastery of concepts.

An RN since 1996, Jenni obtained her MSN as a family nurse practitioner in 2007; she then garnered a position in an Internal Medicine clinic where she was tutored by an amazing physician.  She has continued to develop her knowledge and skill in the internal medicine field, and truly loves taking care of the complex and chronically ill patients with multiple conditions.

Jenni’s hobbies include sewing, embroidery, and traveling with her husband.  She and her husband, John, have 3 children and 8 grandchildren.


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