Discipline & Consequences 

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I realize many of our followers aren’t religious or Christians, but I am, & as such, one of my goals is to share what’s on my heart from time to time. If you aren’t of faith, feel free to scroll on by. But for those of you who are, God laid this message on my heart and He is pushing me to share it. 

From today’s First 5 app and devotional study: ” Discipline is painful, but knowing it comes from a heart of love makes the experience more palatable. The idea is to live a life that obeys God without reservation and puts no others before Him. Along with stern warnings of discipline, God graciously gives hope of ending exile,“Your punishment will end, Daughter Zion; he will not prolong your exile” (Lamentations 4:22a). I don’t want to need discipline; however, I’m thankful for a Father who loves me enough to administer it when I do and assures me that even though discipline is certain, it’s not permanent.
Prayer: It’s hard to say, but thank You for discipline, Lord. Forgive me for my rebellion. Examine my heart. Reveal my sin. Help me to adhere to Your correction. It is Your desire for me to be holy as You are holy, and my sin keeps holiness at bay. Thank You for being long-suffering and full of grace. In Jesus’ name, amen.”

Today’s lesson is sometimes difficult to understand. Many Christians know God is love and He forgives easily. But many of us forget that He also created discipline and consequences. And we often forget that the 2 concepts are separate – NOT the same. 

First of all, let me preface my thoughts with a couple of things: 1. All disease is NOT the result of poor dietary choices or sin that must be punished. Loads of factors play a role. 2. If an immediate lashing thought crosses the mind, please pause and pray. I have NO ill will, malice, or pride in any of these words today. They are laid onto my heart & I’m trying to share what God reveals to me. 

Diet is an easy area to see the differences in discipline and consequences. And it’s also what KetoNurses is all about. 

Sooo… here goes… 

God gave us a world full of delicious plants for food and animals for meat. He provided our diet for thousands of years before humankind began altering His work, trying to “improve” upon His creation. Many illnesses did NOT exist until the past 50-60 years. What does altering food have to do with sin? Discipline? Consequences? 

First, any time we humans feel the need to alter God’s work, it is pride and arrogance that feed such concepts. That sin requires discipline and has consequences. God has tried for years to speak though a variety of experts and ministers – publishing and preaching His Word – we’ve turned a deaf ear to Him because we have experts and governmental agencies to tell us “more and better info.”  

Second, discipline has been tried – our poor eating habits cause fatigue, headaches, feeling bad, and so on. God is using mild symptoms, Holy Spirit conviction, & feelings of guilt/shame to try and speak directly to us but we don’t listen. We blame busy lifestyles, or work stress, or … 

We ignore the natural laws He’s established, the conscience within us, & the conviction of the Holy Spirit. 

Thirdly, there are consequences. Even when we DO heed His call to repentance during discipline, the consequences of our sin are not typically removed. If we choose to overeat or eat unhealthy, nutrient-poor foods, we can always ask forgiveness from Him. And He grants it freely. The consequences of those poor choices, though, remain. Just as if a murderer seeks forgiveness, repents and is saved by Jesus, the consequences of paying the price remains. 

I don’t like discipline any more than any of you. It hurts. It makes my heart cry out. It separates me from people and from God. I’ve said this often to my kids — “if I didn’t love you, I wouldn’t discipline you. There would be no rules. There would be no consequences.” 

In today’s study, God is telling us the same. He gives us choices. Our free will can choose. Our spirit can submit to His perfect will – or not. He chooses to LOVE us and grant us Mercy either way. 


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We are nurses who advocate for better health by using a low carbohydrate, high fat eating plan to reverse illness. We are family nurse practitioners who are seeing great results and fewer medications used by patients who eat this way. Follow me on Instagram at KetoNurseJen.

10 thoughts on “Discipline & Consequences 

  1. Hi Jenni! Thanks for sharing your heart. Wonderful caring words. I appreciate them, keep on sharing!! (I am from the RD group on FB)


  2. Thank you for this post. As I’m restarting this incredible way of eating, I’ve been saying to my daughter that I have to look at carbohydrates like sin, our bodies crave it and want it and it’s an addiction. We are to be temples of the Holy Ghost, not only are we to be careful of what we see what we say what we do but also what we put inside of us. How can I ask God to bless the food that I’m eating when I know what I’m putting in my body is not going to help me and strengthen me . As I i’m in transition this week and going back full keto, thisis what’s been helping me when I’m tempted to eat a candy bar or brownie or a bag of salt n vin, I think how can I ask God to bless this 😊

    My husband is a physician and I am a registered nurse and as we have been on and off keto the past year and trying to be good stewards, we really want to incorporate this into our business which we just formed this year, there is just a slew of information and we just been doing so much research and reading many journals ,articles and videos . I’ve shared many links with family friends and patients and hope to get together with someone to or we can be able to have links on our website so when we do have those that are benefiting from this way of eating they can continue to find what they need from our website .


  3. Was referred to this site from a comment in my First 5 devo this morning. Thank you for sharing and the information about Keto. I’ve been hearing so much buzz about it and look forward to learning more.


  4. So appreciate your spiritual sharing, Jenni. This correlates with my own study today that emphasized our uniqueness and worthiness, which to me implies that we should treat our selves and bodies with respect and make good choices, including healthy foods that benefit us and honor God as our creator. God desires us to be well. After all, He knew us in the womb (Jeremiah 1:5) and created us as beautiful, awesome beings as described in I Corinthians 15:4 —

    The sun is glorious in one way; the moon is glorious in another way; the stars are glorious in their own way; for one star differs from and surpasses another in its beauty and brilliance.


  5. Am following Keto Nurses and RD Facebook Pages. How do I answer my own question and one posed by many ify mom-Keto friends? Why did God create fruit and wheat if he didn’t want us to eat it? Is it that some of us are kind of like allergic to these foods and they cause disease in us , but they don’t in others? Thanks for your help


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