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Bio: We are nurses who advocate for better health by using a low carbohydrate, high fat eating plan to reverse illness. We are family nurse practitioners who are seeing great results and fewer medications used by patients who eat this way. Follow me on Instagram at KetoNurseJen.

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  1. THANK you Barbara and Jenni, for bringing this much needed information to the public, and for leading diabetics in your facilities to better health. This is important and I’m so glad you’re getting the news out!! 🙂


  2. I am a nurse practitioner in North Carolina and my story parallels yours. I was obese, had crazy-high triglycerides, family hx of T2D, etc. I lost the weight and improved my health with LCHF 10 years ago. Then I went to school to be an NP since I knew I had something to offer people in my similar situation. I fight the “establishment” on a daily basis and it is exhausting! But then I see patients who get on board the plan losing weight, decreasing blood pressure medications, decreasing/stopping diabetes medications, building their self-confidence, etc., and I know it is all worth it. Thanks for all you’re doing for the sake of peoples’ health. We have one shot at this life and my goal is to help people carpe them some diem (as we say in the South).


    1. Corinne, glad to have you here! We have a FB page called KetoNurses too. Hang in there and keep fighting for your patients! We are charging full-steam ahead with our ultimate goal: CHANGE diet guidelines!


  3. I have really enjoyed all of the posts here! I have been following a strict 75/20/5 Keto diet for over a month now,and can’t begin to explain how much better I feel even after such a short time. I’ve lost around 15 pounds so far, however losing weight is just an added bonus. My goal with this diet is to see what positive effects it may have on two conditions that I have which are Psoriasis and Hepatitis C. I haven’t found much online to support my theory that this lifestyle is beneficial, and I of course get fairly dismissive comments from the Doctors. Thank you for this blog 😉


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